Laadukas sähköauton latauskaapeli type 1 -liittimellä varustettujen autojen lataamiseen type 2 -latauspisteistä.

Type1 - Type2, 16 A charging cable


A high-quality charging cable for charging cars with a type 1 connector from type 2 charging points, such as charging stations at supermarkets and other public charging stations or a type 2 charging station installed at home

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Car connector
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Product information

With this cable, you can charge a car with a type 1 charging connector, for example at a public charging station with a type 2 connector.

Technical specifications

  • Maximum current 16 A, maximum charging power 3.7 kW
  • Cable thickness 2.5 mm2
  • IP-54 rating, rainwater-resistant
  • CE approved
  • Compatible with electric cars and plug-in hybrids with a type 1 plug

Quality guarantee

Made in Europe
Two-year guarantee
CE marked
TÜV certified

Manufacturer’s information

Eevi is a brand of high-quality electric car charging cables. European manufacture, high-quality components and detailed design guarantee safe and reliable charging in all conditions. The products have been tested in accordance with industry standards, and user experience shows that they also work in harsh northern conditions. You can buy Eevi charging cables from the Atonos online shop.