Home charging unit with two charging plugs, kWh measurement

Home charging unit with two charging plugs, kWh measurement


High-quality Finnish-made home charging unit with two plugs for charging with kWh measurement. Residual current device, type A. For models with a standard earthed plug and socket, the charging current must be limited to 8 amps during long-term charging. The model with a super earthed plug and socket can withstand a continuous 16 A load.

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Product information

Can be mounted on a wall or pole. It is also possible to connect the box back to back with a second heating box in the Satmatic 8MMO400 series. The product does not include a 8MMO904 pipe flange or the parts required for wall mounting. The box is suitable for parking spots and households.

The delivery time for Satmatic products, regardless of stock balance, is less than 7 days.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 188.2 x 222.6 x 160
  • Charging power kW: 1.8 (per side)
  • Number of charging connectors: 2
  • Weight: 2.6
  • Charging interface: Earthed plug and socket/super earthed plug and socket
  • Installation: Column/wall
  • Residual current device: Type A
  • Charging current: 8 A
  • Phases: 1
  • Country of manufacture: Finland