Terms of service

These are the distance selling contract terms (hereinafter “terms”) of Atonos Oy (hereinafter “Service Provider”) applied between consumer (hereinafter “consumer”) or corporate or organisational customer (hereinafter “Corporate Customer”) and the Service Provider when such a contract is created through the webshop provided by the Service Provider or otherwise through remote connection, such as phone or email, and in such wise that the parties need not be present at the same time. Hereinafter we refer to customers and corporate customers collectively as “the Customer”.

1. Company details

Atonos Oy

Business ID: 2613210-8

Asentajankatu 3
33840, Tampere, Finland

+358 50 4057570 

Bank account: OP FI06 5730 0820 6225 67


2. Ordering from Atonos Oy

The Service Provider sells products and services to legally competent consumers at least 18 years of age, and to corporate customers.

We reserve the right to price changes that result from currency changes, tax changes or similar reasons. If your website has a price that is clearly wrong and you should have understood it, we are not obliged to deliver the product to you at the wrong price. We reserve the right to adjust the price after an order has been placed if there is a clear mistake in pricing, and the price can be considered exceptionally low compared to the general price level. (Contracts Act, section 32) 

We are not responsible for sold-out products nor for longer delivery times by Atonos Oy’s suppliers. 

We are not responsible for losses caused beyond the control of Atonos Oy, such as delivery problems, wars, acts of terror, natural catastrophes, nuclear strikes, other force majeure-related reasons and printing errors. 

3. Methods of payment

You have the payment buttons of all Finnish banks at your disposal: Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpankki, Osuuspankki, POP-pankki, Säästöpankki, S-pankki and Ålandsbanken. The payee listed on your account statement is Checkout Finland Oy, which carries out the payment transaction. The online bank takes you directly to your own bank to make the payment in a secure manner.

Checkout Finland also offers the option of a credit transfer form.

You can use the following cards online: Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Debit MasterCard. We also use the international Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode authentication services.

Checkout, shown as the payee on the card invoice, will transfer the Customer’s payment directly to the merchant. Card payment takes place securely with an encrypted payment form, and no payment card data is stored in the webshop systems.

Mobile payment methods

Pivo, MobilePay and Masterpass can be used for mobile payments in the application. You can make a direct payment of online purchases from your account or as a card payment by accepting the invoice in the application. With Pivo, you can also make Siirto payments, meaning that you can accept a payment in any application compatible with Siirto.


The terms of use are on the Pivo website (in Finnish): pivo.fi/kayttoehdot/pivon-kayttoehdot


The terms of payment are on the MobilePay website (in Finnish): mobilepay.fi/fi-fi/Pages/faq.aspx


The Masterpass operating rules are at  masterpass.com/assets/pdf/masterpassoperatingrules.pdf

OP invoice

Osta laskulla (“Buy with an invoice”) is in effect one-off credit. The creditor is OP Corporate Bank plc (hereinafter “bank), which belongs to OP Financial Group. Credit can be used as a payment method in webshops that have a partnership with the bank. For terms of the service, go to: https://checkout.fi/wp-content/uploads/Verkkokaupan-rahoituksen-ehdot-OP-Yrityspankki-Oyj-20-v-ikäraja.pdf

The payment transaction is carried out by Checkout Finland Oy (business ID 2196606-6). An SSL-encrypted data connection is used for the transaction, meaning that your payment details and data are secured at what is considered a high level in the industry.

4. Confirmation of concluded agreement

Once an order has been successfully concluded – either online, by phone or email – confirmation will be made to the Customer.

5. Delivery restrictions

The Service Provider delivers products and services within the EU.

6. Product deliveries

Products are delivered through Posti’s GoGreen service.

The delivery costs are always clearly itemised for each order, with the delivery costs, product price and total price including delivery costs indicated separately. If the Customer’s order includes products that have a different delivery times, the Service Provider also has the right to deliver the products to the Customer separately. However, the Customer will only be charged for one delivery.

The product descriptions include their delivery period. The delivery period of items in stock is 1–3 days. Most items not in stock are made to order, so the normal delivery time for such products is 14 to 28 days, depending on the product. If a product’s delivery period differs from the above, the Customer will be notified by email.

If the Customer does not pick up a product that was delivered as ordered, resulting in the product being returned to the Service Provider, the Customer is considered to have cancelled their order. The Service Provider is then entitled to charge the Customer for a handling fee to cover the expenses for delivery and return of the product, and to subtract such expenses from the sum to be refunded to the Customer for the product.

7. 14-day cancellation right

As a consumer, you have the right under the Consumer Protection Act to cancel your purchase within 14 days. Right of cancellation does not apply to businesses. Right of cancellation refers only to 1) distance sales and 2) agreements made outside Atonos Oy’s business premises.

Right of cancellation does not mean that you have the absolute right to be fully refunded of the product price. If the product no longer has full resale value, you cannot refund the full price. You can be fully refunded under the same conditions as when buying from a brick and mortar shop. You must assess this yourself before returning the product; i.e. whether the product has been used in a way that would ensure a full refund in a brick and mortar shop. This means you have the right to open the package and try out the product. However, the refunded amount is lower if the product has been used for a longer period, or the product is clearly worn.

In order to comply with the deadline for returning products, if is sufficient for the consumer to send information that they will exercise their cancellation before the deadline.

Having received the product, the consumer must ensure that it is essentially unchanged and unreduced until they have decided to keep it. If a consumer cancels the agreement, they are responsible for such value decrease that is the result of handling other than is required in order to assess the nature, properties and operation of the product.

Right of cancellation right does not apply to products that have been made to order, i.e., that are not standard articles (such as very long charging cables and/or charging cables that are sold only occasionally). Made-to-order products are indicated in the product description.

A notification of cancellation must be made in writing. You can send this notification by email to asiakaspalvelu@autotaloampeeri.fi. Please include the following information at minimum: your name, postal address and order number. Keep the cancellation notification for your reference. You can also send it by post to our head office at: Atonos Oy, Asentajankatu 3, FI-33840 Tampere

Consequences of cancellation

Consumers must send products back without delay and at latest 14 days after having delivered notification of cancellation. The deadline has been observed if the consumer sends the products back before the 14-day deadline. The consumer must pay any direct costs for returning products.

8. Delays in product delivery and service provision

If there are delays in product delivery or service provision beyond the estimated or agreed time, the Service Provider endeavours to inform the Customer about the delay, using the contact details provided by the Customer, to give the Customer a new estimate on the delivery time, or to agree with the Customer on a new time for service provision.

Consumers are entitled to refer to their rights specified in the Consumer Protection Act regarding product delivery or service provision. The Service Provider will not be responsible for any delays if product delivery or service provision is delayed or the order cannot be delivered at all for a reason attributable to the Customer, such as the Customer having given incorrect contact details, neglecting to inform about changed contact details, or by not being present at the agreed time of product delivery or service provision, and cannot be reached at the time. 

9. Checking products and services, Service Provider’s statutory responsibility for errors, and the Customer’s responsibility for due care

The Customer must, without delay after receiving a delivery, check that the products are free of fault and that the delivery contained all the products that were ordered.
Should the Customer realise that the product or service contains an error or is not otherwise as agreed, the Customer must inform the Service Provider about it immediately upon discovery. The Service Provider is responsible to the consumer for any product or service errors under the mandatory provisions of responsibility for error in the Consumer Protection Act.

The Customer must always read the user instructions carefully before use, and both follow them and exercise care when using the products.

10. Guarantee

If the manufacturer has given a guarantee for the charging systems, the guarantee terms are found in the user’s manual under the product page, or in a separate downloadable file. The Service Provider is not responsible for any product error under the manufacturer’s guarantee for which the Service Provider would not otherwise be responsible under the mandatory provisions of responsibility for error in the Consumer Protection Act. Vis-a-vis corporate customers, the Service Provider will not be responsible for the product under the manufacturer’s guarantee.

11. Prices

The prices include the valid VAT, but not delivery costs, unless otherwise stated.

The prices of distance-sales goods and services are valid until further notice or any specified period. The Service Provider can exercise discretion in changing the prices.

Orders are charged using the price valid at the time of placing the order. Before concluding a distance agreement, the Customer will be informed of the product and service prices, delivery costs and the total price, including both delivery and taxes.

The Service Provider tries to ensure but cannot guarantee that the prices of items in remote sales are correct. If the Customer has been given incorrect price information and the error is so obvious that the Customer should have realised it as such (such as the price being exceptionally low compared to the actual price or general price level), the Service Provider is not obliged to sell the product or service at the incorrect price.

12. Availability of products and services

The Service Provider attempts to give up-to-date and correct data of all available products. However, the Service Provider cannot guarantee that the data is error-free. Also, the Service Provider cannot guarantee the availability or sufficient quantity of products, because the product may be sold out or the Service Provider’s partner may be unable to import the product.

If the Customer has ordered a product which was claimed to be available but which, after conclusion of the agreement, is temporarily out of stock so as to result in a delivery that will be later than initially estimated, the Service Provider shall attempt to inform the Customer immediately after discovery and provide a new delivery time. If the ordered product is not at all available, the Service Provider is committed to refunding the full amount already paid for the product, and the agreement concerning the product is considered to be cancelled. In such a situation, the Service Provider shall also contact the Customer without delay, thereby allowing the Customer to keep the agreement valid and accept delivery of a similar replacement product.

13. Limitations of liability


The Service Provider is not responsible for electrically charging products provided to the Customer by the electric car manufacturer, importer or salesperson, or products the Customer has purchased from the above, nor for their functionality or compatibility with other products or services offered by the Service Provider.Travel charging cables are generally only recommended for temporary charging, not regular charging through a charging system installed in a property.

The Service Provider is not responsible for product or services errors if the Customer has provided the Service Provider with incorrect information, nor for a loss that is caused by such incorrect information (for example, installation has been done incorrectly because of incorrect information). Furthermore, the Service Provider is not responsible for any loss caused by negligent use of the product or in breach of the user instruction by the Customer, nor for any loss caused by a reason more to do with the electricity distributor rather than the Service Provider’s product or service. It should be stated for clarity that the Service Provider will also not be responsible for any loss not directly caused by the Service Provider’s product or service (such as a power outage or short circuit).


14. Force majeure

The Service Provider shall not be responsible for any such product or service error, late delivery or other breach of agreement that is beyond the control of the Service Provider (force majeure).


15. Settling of disputes


The parties must primarily try to settle any disputes through negotiation. However, as a consumer, you can always take a matter to be settled by the Con­sumer Dis­putes Board. Before taking a matter to the Con­sumer Dis­putes Board, the consumer must first be in contact with Consumer Advisory Services. The Consumer Advisory Services website is https://www.kkv.fi/en/consumer-advice/. You can contact the Con­sumer Dis­putes Board through their website at www.kuluttajariita.fi or by mail:

Con­sumer Dis­putes Board

Hämeentie 3, PO Box 306

00531 Helsinki


The parties in the matter are the seller, that is Atonos Oy, and the buyer. All disputes must be settled under Finnish law. If the matter must be processed in a court of law, it will be settled in the district court in which you are domiciled.