Additional installation work

It is not always possible to install an EV charging station in accordance with the content of the basic installation so that it meets all the requirements of the Electrical Safety Act. Such situations occur when, for example, there is no fault current protection in the power plant. In this case, the center has to be expanded with an external module box, where the cable protectors and residual current protection for the charging station are installed. This additional work is common and therefore priced separately (central extension). Installations that differ from basic installations are always carried out as additional work and are billed at the time of installation. Fixed prices have already been determined for some of the additional work. The installer tries to inform the customer about additional work, the need or extent of which can only be determined at the site during the installation.

Additional work price list

 Extension of the electrical center (16A) 180 €
Additional cabling 20 €/m
Load management installed in the RJ12 connector of the electricity meter 195 €
Penetration into a lightweight wall 75 €
Penetration into a concrete wall 250 € - 500€
Housing association mapping remotely 199 €
Housing association survey on site 590 €
Earthworks (cable digging) n. 300 €/m


Hourly jobs

 Hourly billing 69€ / h
Traveling expenses 0,66 €/km


On an hourly basis, for example, changes to the electrical center, cleaning or other additional work requested by the customer are carried out. Load management is installed on an hourly basis if the electricity meter of the installation site does not have an RJ12 connector. If the customer cancels or postpones the installation less than 24 hours after the confirmed installation time, the customer will be charged a cancellation fee of €350.